Painting Color

Selective ColorThe core feature of ColorBlast! HD is the ability to separate and color one object in an otherwise black and white photo. To make this possible, and even fun, ColorBlast employs selective color technology which allows you to start brushing on a specified color and then paint only that color. This means that you can brush right over the edge of an object without causing overpainting of other colors. The starting point of a brush operation defines the color to use. Multiple colors can be painted using separate strokes.

Tinting and Toning

Tint OptionsSo you've colored an object on a black and white image. Maybe you're done. Or maybe black and white isn't what you were thinking. ColorBlast allows you to pick from a range of tinting options. Maybe a Sepia or a Cobalt will give you the look you want. Or you can adjust the Color Saturation of the background. Bring it up just a little, while the main object is in full saturation. The tinting and saturation also work together, to provide toning.

Tint Examples

Change the Color

Paint OptionsYou've highlighted a red object. ColorBlast! HD allows you to change the color to anything you want. Open the brush adjustments panel and change the hue or exposure. A red rose can become blue, with a simple slider adjustment.

Re-Color Examples

ColorBlast! HD supports multiple undo, pan and zoom, device orientation, brush sizes and full screen editing.

There are lots of ways to get images in and out of ColorBlast HD. Take a photo, select one from your library or paste an image off the clipboard (allows you to pull images out of emails or from other web locations).

When you have created a masterpiece you can SMS, e-Mail, post to a Facebook photo album or just save it into your library.


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