Create captivating videos with your photos

PhotoMotion enables you to turn your photos into an immersive video with motion, titles and music. Focus attention, set a mood and tell a story using a photo animation technique made popular by documentary creator Ken Burns.

Start by picking photos from your photo library. PhotoMotion automatically generates transitions incorporating information like face detection. Your video can be instantly previewed inside PhotoMotion. All aspects of the automatically generated pan and zoom transitions can be adjusted, shuffled and previewed. Photos can have overlaid titles and a sound track. All of this control comes together in a seamless tool that allows you to present a guided vision of your photos with as much control as you want.

Finally, export to Instagram, Facebook, eMail, YouTube, etc.

PhotoMotion screen shot
PhotoMotion screen shot

PhotoMotion screen shot
PhotoMotion screen shot

PhotoMotion’s unique features:

  • Manually define photo animation start and end positions
  • Automatically generate random positions incorporating face detection
  • Add, delete, copy and re-order photos in the project
  • Add a title to each photo and define position and text style
  • Select a soundtrack from your music library
  • Set square, standard or widescreen format
  • Save videos to your photo album, eMail, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.
  • Projects are saved for future re-editing.
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