Powerful photo editor for iPad and iPhone.


PhotoToaster provides a deep toolbox of photo corrections, then adds fast non-destructive image adjustments and provides three different ways to adjust them. The Toaster can do everything from crop, simple lighting adjustments and color corrections to elaborate multi-layer composite effects and noise reduction.

Flexible Interface

The PhotoToaster combines the ease of use of a 'pick from a preset' app with the power and flexibility of full manual adjustments. Three different editing interfaces are available to provide ease of use for the novice and creative accuracy for the discerning professional. Start with the collection of beautiful global presets, move down to the category presets, or dive right in and adjust individual settings. The edits are non-destructive, so you can experiment all you want.

Lighting Brushes

The Lighting Brushes compliment PhotoToaster's extensive photo lighting tools by providing accurate brush on exposure adjustments. Just select lighten or darken then brush over areas of the photo. The results are stunning and look natural. This is a technique known as "dodge and burn" by professional photographers. It fits right into PhotoToaster's non-destructive editing model allowing you to do important fixes with the brushes, but then play with effects and presets independently.

Blazingly Fast Performance

Speed is a major feature of the Toaster. You don't have to let go of a slider and then wait to see the result. The sliders are 'live' and the feedback is instant. Selecting a preset renders in less than a second. There's no waiting with the Toaster.


Non-destructive photo processing means that you can always restore your pixels by just resetting a control back to it's default state. This allows for a fun and creative editing experience with no worries.


The adjustments are combined to provide infinite possibilities. Your photo doesn't have to look like everyone else's with the Toaster. Even if you start with a preset, you can open the manual settings and adjust the controls until it's just right for you.

Send to a friend or hang on your wall

You can email the result, post it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, SMS it, directly print to Air Print Printers or save a full resolution print quality version.

Technical Specifications:

  • twenty four adjustments
  • dozens of global and category presets
  • non-destructive editing
  • noise Reduction
  • lighting brushes
  • image crop (three standard formats)
  • rotate and flip
  • straighten
  • professional quality lighting adjustments
  • recent edits list to jump back into recent editing sessions
  • EXIF viewer and passthrough
  • High resolution compatibility with Camera Connection Kit
  • texture overlays with adjustable intensity
  • borders with width adjustment
  • live slider updating (6 fps on average)
  • multi-core support for iPad2+3 (blazing)
  • multiple undo
  • high resolution output (up to eight megapixel on iPhone4 and iPad2)
  • photo library management, save to albums
  • direct printing to AirPrint printers
  • save to album, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, email, sms, Tumblr or jump to other apps via PhotoAppLink
  • average preset rendering time < 1/2 second (with 5 megapixel iPhone4 photo)
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PhotoToaster 4.0 Press Guide.

PhotoToaster 3.0 Press Guide.

Each PhotoToaster is meticulously assembled by the artisans at East Coast Pixels.

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